Exploring roles assigned to men and women in society

In light of the Women's Month 2019, Mazars is organizing the exclusive  'Still Figuring Out What it Means to be a Man' multimedia exhibition and the exciting debate on patriarchy, exploring on the role assigned to men and women in our societies!

Initiated in 2013, "Still Figuring Out" explores the experiences of six middle-class, metropolitan South African men in their thirties. From creative and social entrepreneurs to film-makers to conflict journalists-turned-eco-farmers, these men reflect on their masculinities, exploring issues such as love, impacts of apartheid and colonialism, sexuality and sexual conditioning, gender-based violence, success, fatherhood, and spirituality.

Rather than a piece of research or comprehensive analysis of masculinity, this audiovisual project is an ongoing artistic exploration which seeks both to explore and deconstruct. »

•Date: Wednesday 28 August 2019

17h30 - 18h30 - Multimedia Exhibition & Cocktail
18h30 - 19h30 -  Panel Discussion


Limited tickets 
By 23 August 2019

•For further information:
+27 62 297 1837 
Contact Cindy Cappia





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Sizwe Shongwe, raised in East London, is a marketing executive and entrepreneur, and father to a baby girl. Also working toward building a major media company, Sizwe's ultimate goal is making sure that black people in this country don't just exist within the margins of the economy, but participate to theo fullest extent socio-economically, and in all ways



Antonia Porter pic

Antonia Porter is an interdisciplinary practitioner who works on social justice issues, including gender and masculinity, using different mediums and approaches. She enjoys collaborating with visual media artists at the intersections of social change and art to develop and record intimate stories. Antonia also enjoys helping institutions transform patriarchal practices and ways of thinking.




Justine is the Head of our Mazars’ Financial Reporting division and is highly experienced with more than 15 years’ experience as an IFRS advisor. She undertakes advisory work on complex accounting issues and regularly reviews financial statements for compliance. Justine was the first women to be promoted partner in the Gauteng region and is very involved in the 'Women in Business' and "Gender Equality' discussions. 

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