M2Ms Offer: Special reduced fees at 12% for recruitment

Looking to hire Top Talent? Experience E for EXEC Professional Recruitment Services? Send E for EXEC your Job Description in September! Get special reduced fees at 12%


Welcome aboard our specialised HR solutions – E for Exec Professional Recruitment Services
Our partners E for Exec are specialists in professional, executive and highly skilled appointments. With its large network of candidates and finely tuned head hunting services, E for Exec will considerably shorten your hiring process. Talent management Expert talent managers provide a personalised, professional and confidential service to Senior Managers and Executives looking to change position or career, as well as to corporate companies wishing to source the top talent. We assist organisations across South Africa to source specialised skills for critical roles, in several industry sectors. We strategically attract passive candidates through our "Candidate Relationship Model", within which we have built a large ‘talent network”, ensuring access to passive job seekers.

The firm is a unique concept… The only one of its kind as a matter of fact. Offering a truly personalised range of services related to HR in general and to choice partners in particular. At E for Exec, we strongly believe in putting our partners' needs (that's you) above everything else. Our approach is geared to making sure YOU are given the best possible assistance and all the attention YOU demand and deserve in an impeccable professional manner. E for Exec is to Human Resources what private banking is to a general bank. We are at the forefront of the evolution of our industry, operating only at seniority level, catering to your very unique personal needs and goals using the best technology available.

>>> Stéphane LAROCHE: Send an e-mail / +27 (0)71 403 2588



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