A very happy Women’s month to our network and especially to all the Women in Business

This is an opportunity to salut the #WomenInBusiness. The success of their accomplishments, their resilience in overcoming hurdles and the tenacity and spirit that brings power to our daily lives and to our country.

This month we embark on a campaign to highlight our power as women.

Power to inspire, power to transform and power to innovate.


Discover our #WomenInBusiness on our Social Networks


• Explore our Instagram & Check out our highlighting story "The Present Is Female" 




Join FSACCI in its #EmpoweredMonth where we highlight  the Women CEO’s from our member companies.

To get involved

  • Send us a picture of your CEO, alternatively we will utilise a LinkedIn profile picture
  • Send us a short bio, to accompany the pic

Get involved here


FSACCI, as a business platform also has the responsibility of ensuring that our networks are open and values equal opportunity – particularly when it comes to doing business. In a follow up from our #WomenInBusiness event series we aim to strengthen the networks of women and offer up our platform to share our experiences. 

If you have experienced an unfair business practice or policy that directly discriminates in accordance to gender then get in touch with us and let’s utilise our platform to share, inform and advocate. 

Share your experience here



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